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Our Services
  1. Payroll Preparation
    Payroll Preparation Services include: Periodic payroll calculations; (we can print cheques , arrange direct deposit or provide you with pay statements., arrange direct deposit or provide you with pay statements. Source deductions and remittance reports Preparation of Records of Employment (require final date worked and reason for terminating) Preparation of T4s
  2. Monthly / Quarterly Bookkeeping
    Monthly / Quarterly Bookkeeping including: Enter time costs and write invoices Entering all Sales and Expenses from source documents provided Reconciling all company bank statements Reconciling company credit card statements Monthly / Quarterly Profit & Loss Statements
  3. Periodic Government Reporting
    Periodic Government Reporting including; HST / GST Reporting (monthly, quarterly, yearly) PD7A (monthly) WCB Reporting ( Quarterly, yearly) T5018 (Contractors only) PST
  4. Electronic Document Retention
    Benefits: Get rid of those dusty accounting and tax documents cluttering your office and basement. ​Increase productivity - dozens of hours wasted looking for paper files. ​Reduce storage costs - use your real estate for more productive activities. ​Better security - disaster recovery. We Will: ​Scan all your documents to PDF* format. Store them on our secure server. Do an encrypted offsite back up every day. Either e-mail you the complete set, or Provide you with a USB stick with your data set. Then we'll shred the paper. This service is available only to our bookkeeping and accounting clients. Pay just the clerical fees to scan and shred. Ongoing storage fee, back up and providing you with an electronic copy included in your regular service fee.​
  5. Year End Reporting
    Year End Reporting including; Preparation of Year End Financial Statements ​Assistance in determining Owner/Manager/Shareholder compensation ​Preparation and E-filing of Corporate Tax returns ​Preparation and E-Filing of Personal Tax returns
  6. Financial Management
    Financial Management Services including; Business Consulting and Training Certified Quickbooks Training Financial Business Analysis Cash Flow Review Tax Planning Incorporation Assistance
  7. Other Services
    Other Tax services including; T1 Adjustments Date of Death Returns T3 Trust Returns ​Audit Assistance